Friday, May 13, 2011

36 Days

The crazy week is OVER! Last night we had an awesome Spring Arts/Picnic at school. All the classrooms looked awesome - the kids did an amazing job! After the families got a chance to look at the classrooms there was a huge food spread in our gym and all the families got a chance to sit down together and enjoy some great food and good company! In addition to having to get all of this together, it is report card time and I can thankfully say.......they are finished too!!!!!! It is a huge burden off my back to know that during this last week or so, I have most of my school responsibilities completed!

Now I can really start to buckle down on that little bit of extra "stuff" that I'm going to need to hit my goal in Baltimore. I haven't been quite as tight on my food over the past day and a half. I will make that change starting right now! I was about to write tomorrow but there is NO REASON TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW! I can make better decisions and choices right now!! I still have some water left in my gallon and I will finish that tonight and fill it right back up for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun but busy day. It will start out with a run with my buds. I am going to run 8 - most of the group is still recovering from their marathons so I'm not sure I'll have company for the last couple of miles. I need to start increasing the miles on my long days regardless of whether there are others with me. It is time for me to take responsibility for myself. I used to run by myself, because I didn't know anybody else running when I did. I will forever be grateful for the Marine Corps Marathon, the Hal Higdon message boards and a friend named Pat who helped me connect with this great group of runners. The group has changed over the years but I am thankful that each and everyone of them. However, because I started running with this great group, I stopped running alone. From a safety standpoint it is great but I stopped taking responsibility for my runs. If others weren't running, I didn't run...or if it was raining, I didn't run etc. I am shifting my thinking. I will run no matter what the weather and I will run the full mileage regardless of who is running or not running with me!

Today's workout was my Insanity Cardio Recovery session. It is definitely easier than most of the Insanity workout but it is not easy! I had originally thought I might get another workout in today but the timing never worked out. My kids had an early dismissal from school and then I had to go to the grocery store. By the time we got home, I had to start making dinner etc. I think it is actually a good thing - I tend to not spend enough time in recovery. I'm hoping it will give me a great run tomorrow!

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