Saturday, May 14, 2011

35 Days

I got in my 8 miles this morning!! Next week we will bump it up to 10 and then start to increase the speed for those 10 miles.

The group met at a local park and did a loop that incorporated some rolling hills. The hills weren't super steep or super long but they were still a challenge. Enough so that we now know that we have to start getting back into the hill work. The Baltimore course has a lot of hills and there are some real crazy ones toward the end. I am really feeling good at where I'm at right now. Sure the hills were tough but I didn't feel like I couldn't keep up or anything in fact I was in the front of the group. We averaged just over 9 m/mile. As long as I keep my training consistent and keep a nice clean nutrition plan I think I'll have a shot at the 1:20:00!

This week may be a challenge for me in terms of the weather. It is supposed to rain all week. However, I told my friend today a bout yesterday's post and about taking responsibility for my workouts. Even is it is raining on Monday, I still need to get my runs in! So come Tuesday, I will be meeting my group and we will train on the hills!

Off to have some breakfast!

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