Monday, May 16, 2011

33 Days: It was a good night!

We took Will to his baseball practice and I asked Ally if she wanted to do a walk/run with me and she said yes. That in an of itself makes it a great night! However, I've got to tell everyone just how proud I am of her. We covered 3.6 miles and our pace was 13:12 average. Now keep in mind that we were walking part of that time. I think that pace is awesome!

I left the whole run up to her. We walked when she wanted to and ran when she wanted to. I just try to keep stressing that it is being out there that is important to me and not how fast we go. Walking is just fine with me!

I think she is also proud of the fact that she was able to cover more than a 5K...and she should be! I'm really hoping that this will turn into something that the kids and I can do for a long time to come!

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