Thursday, August 10, 2006

What A Crazy Week!

Where has this week gone? Things have been so busy and so jam-packed with classes and appointments that I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. Things don't let up tomorrow either.

On Tuesday, I had a Gyn. Appointment and then took the kids swimming at my parent's club pool. On Wednesday, I spent time at school trying to figure out what is going to happen once school starts. This being my first year as a teacher, I'm nervous about the upcoming year and not knowing what is actually in the room makes it that much worse. Today was physical day - for me, Ally and Will. The plus side was that everybody is healthy. The kids are growing well (Will grew 4 inches this past year and Ally grew 3/4 of an inch) and didn't need any shots. The doctor was also thrilled with the weight that I lost and my good cholesterol screening. We discussed the "off" thyroid hormone and have concluded that my normal just isn't "textbook normal". There is no way that I would have been able to lose 30 pounds with and under-active thyroid. Tomorrow is my first mamogram - getting a baseline screening. Then the week is finally finished. Hopefully, I will be able to catch my breathe over the weekend.

My training has been going very well. I've been getting out every day - often multiple times per day. My biggest problem has been my eating. I've been having trouble with the mental aspect of eating. I was thinking about it today - I think part of the problem is that my initial goal was to get to 135# (the weight I was in high school and college). I reset that goal to 133# and I think my brain hasn't made the transition - I am so close and I need to honor the promise I made myself to get to 133#! Tomorrow is a new day and I will make a fresh start!!

Work hard, eat right and reach for your goals!

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