Friday, August 04, 2006

Exercise and Meeting with Friends

I have finally made a decision concerning my extra exercise sessions and my lack of weight loss. I found out that by dropping the extra sessions I was losing around 2500 calories burned - no wonder I wasn't losing weight anymore. This becomes a no brainer - I'm adding the bike back into my workouts on days that I'm not already doing 2 sessions. This coupled with a more strict nutrition plan should have those last 5 pounds gone in no time!

Today's sessions were really good. I got up this morning and did my Leg-Biceps workout. Then I got some extra work in by cutting the grass - not really counting that but it does get the sweat pouring off me! After the grass, I jumped on the bike for a good 30 minute ride. I even wore my HR monitor to see where I was exercising. I kept my HR between 65 - 80% of max. My nutrition has also been very good today. My real test comes tonight during dinner.

Tonight my friend Judy and her family are driving through the area on the way to there family vacation spot. We are meeting them for dinner at a steakhouse. I've pulled up there menu on the internet and I think I have found some items I can have. I just need to keep my portions in check.

Work hard, eat well & reach for your goals!

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