Monday, August 21, 2006

Awesome day!

Today has been great! I got all my workouts finished - 3 mile run, LB workout and an extra 25 min bike on the trainer. I also drank all my water which hasn't always been completed. But, best of all, I was able to stick to my nutrition plan all day. I didn't give in to any stress eating and I feel really good about everything.

I'm looking forward to sticking to my plan tomorrow too. It is Bill's birthday tomorrow so I may have one small bite of cupcake but other than that I'm going to stick to my plan. I can't wait to give Bill is present. I've saved so long for this and I can't wait to see his face - I really hope he likes it!!! Just in case Bill reads this (I don't even think he knows about this blog but I'm going to be careful anyway) I'm not going to write what the present is but I think he is going to love it.

Well, it has been a long day and I still have some prep work to do for tomorrow.

Work hard, eat right and reach for your goals!

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