Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Speedwork & Lifting

Today was another hot and humid day. At 5:15 am it was already 80 degrees and 86% humidity. When I stepped out the door I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to complete the workout. I really felt like it took my breathe away when I stepped out the door. But I don't give up that easily and I went out and hit the roads.

The workout called for 4 X 800 in 3:27 each. After a nice warm-up, although I didn't feel like I needed much of one this morning, I started the session. My times were: 3:08/3:11/3:26/3:24. I felt like I had a better handle on what speed I needed to be at on the last 2 repeats as it shows in the times. The heat definitely made it a very challenging but my legs felt really good today.

After a few hours of recovery, I completed my lifting session (chest/back/shlds/triceps). Especially on the chest exercises, but on all of the rest to some extent, I've been feeling a bit weaker during my lifting sessions. There is an obvious drain after the early morning run. I'm OK with that though because the main focus has to be on the running right now. I don't want to do light weights for millions of reps, so I just need to accept the fact that if I do the lifting after my running I may not be able to do quite as much weight.

Overall the plan is going great. I've also been doing well with my nutrition. I'm down to 137.5. I've added more fruit to my diet by using smoothes (protein powder, fruit, splash of milk and OJ and ice). They are tasting really great right now because of the heat - nice and cold!

We may be doing Bike and Hike tonight but with the heat I'm not sure. If we do, it will be a nice leisurely family walk. It is right by a river so it is usually a bit cooler there. If we don't go that will be OK too because my legs probably wouldn't mind the break.

Work hard, eat well and reach for your goals!

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