Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yesterday took its toll........

.....on my eating and on my energy level. I am exhausted this morning! I got up to exercise, like I normally do, and was scheduled for 60 minutes of cross-training. I did not get it done - I'm hoping to do something a bit later. The weather isn't cooperating either. We are in the midst of a really big rain storm. There are flood warnings in effect and it looks like it is going to rain for the next 3 days. So, I'm not sure just how much running I'll be getting done in the next few days. I will just have to get on the bike and do my Cardio Coach workouts.

My eating was pretty crappy yesterday as well. I burned lots of calories yesterday but also ate lots of processed foods - I was out most of the day but that is no excuse. I should have planned a bit better and had better options at my disposal. But, yesterday is over and all I can do is make today the best it can be. I will be drinking lots of water to help get all that junk out of my system and I will be making sure that I do MUCH better with my food choices. The day has started off better in that respect. I have had a nice balanced breakfast and will continue that in the meals to come.

I also need to keep my leverage in mind. If I don't make my goal my money will be helping an absolutely awful group of people! I need to focus on that and get everything back on track!

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