Monday, April 09, 2007

The Good and the Bad

The bad first: I ate way too much yesterday. It was a really funny thing though because I knew I was eating things that I hadn't eaten in a long time but there really wasn't a time when I stuffed myself. It was more of an absent-minded eating situation. When the day was all said and done, I knew my weight would be going up and it did (from 137.5 to 139). I'm not freaking out about it though. I had a great time yesterday but now that the day is done, it is time to get back to work. I have a leverage that I cannot and will not break. I am writing the check and sending it to Katrina today!

Now the good: my muscles are sore today! Why is that good? It means that I had an effective lifting session yesterday. My legs are sore and I can definitely feel my back muscles but my forearm/elbow isn't really all that sore. I still have discomfort when I pick things up in a certain position, but it is definitely getting better.

Today's run was pretty good. It was a bit tough to get started because my legs are sore but overall it felt good. My pace was around 8:30/mile for 3 miles. I then added about 15 minutes of fast walking. I still want to get some more time in (maybe later on the bike) but I had to get back to the house because my husband had to leave for work.

Today's food: I have my plan all set. I will be throwing away all the "extra" stuff in the house and I will be writing and mailing my leverage check today. I feel very confident that I will be back on track TODAY!!!


jkrunning said...

Interesting program. I'm going to have to research it a little more...

Cheryl said...

It is a great program - I really love it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.