Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back into Lifting! 4/8/07

Happy Easter!

I just finished up a great lifting session. I used the LL Muscle Audio and it was really cool! Coach David offered a free trial download to all Club Lifestyle members so I gave it a try. He was right, if you enjoy using Cardio Coach for your aerobic sessions you'll love the Muscle Audio for your lifting sessions. Having him right there in your ears the whole time keeps you right on track - it keeps your pace nice and steady and helps you get through each and every rep. The other cool feature is that you can use it in conjunction with the Muscle Professor on site. That way your workouts progress at a great rate too. Very cool!

However, I still need to keep the weights moderate because of the tendinitis in my elbow. It has definitely gotten better but it is still hanging around. I'm debating whether I should contact the MD about it or just wait and see how it goes. I'm leaning toward waiting a bit, getting back into my routines, and then see where it goes from there.

The other great news is that my weight dropped to 137.5 today. I'm sure it will go up a touch after today, because I plan on allowing myself some treats today. I don't want to go overboard but I also want to enjoy the day. The really tough part will come later this week when there is all the kid's candy laying around the house. I tried to keep our candy to a minimum but I know the kids are going to get a boat-load from my husband's sister and by my parents. Last year is was an obscene amount of candy!

Anyway, I need to go make and eat my HEALTHY breakfast. Enjoy your day and have a Blessed Easter! Remember the Reason for the Season!!

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