Friday, April 13, 2007

I can't believe it!

After the crappy nutrition day I had yesterday, my weight didn't increase. I thought for sure that it would be up quite a bit. Today needs to be MUCH better. The good thing is, that the weather is better today to I'll be able to get out and do things. I'll be doing my second (official) session of my Muscle Audio together with the LL Muscle Professor.

I'm not sure if I will be getting a cardio session in today because I have A LOT of paper mache to do today. That needs to be my focus for the day because I have to get them finished for Monday and it is supposed to rain on Sunday so I don't want to be fighting the weather. If I get most of them (if not all of them) finished today it will have all day tomorrow to dry before the damp weather moves in. Hanging them outside has been great! I actually finished my "egg" and put a coat of paint on it. I wanted to see how much the paint would get soaked into the paper. There was no soaking in at all - one coat of paint on the outside will be perfect! I really hope the kids like doing this project. Next year, if I do it again, I'll start earlier and have the other teacher help by doing some too.

I had a great lifting workout this morning! My ipod ran out of steam 1/2 way through but my husband had already left for work so I turned up the computer and listened to the rest of the workout from there. It really does make a difference in my lifting. I did 2 sets without the audio (before I thought about listening to it on the computer) and I just didn't feel like I got the same intensity out of it. It is almost like you have a training partner right there spurring you on to better things. That is probably the thing I miss most about training at home - no one to push you or spot you. But, it is what it is and I need to work with what I have.

Well, I've taken enough rest time. I have finished 2 more "dino eggs" (my paper mache) so I only have 17 more to go!

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