Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pre-exercise Check-In 4/7/07

Today is my long run and I will be leaving for the course in a few minutes. I took my NO-Explode and am just giving it a few minutes to settle into my system. I am very pleased to say that I'm actually starting to see the scale move. I'm down to 138.5 this morning! It is amazing what a good leverage can do!! Do YOU want to know more about leveraging? If the answer is yes then please check out the LL site and the LL book. It will be so worth your time effort and money!! I started with Body for Life and still think it is a good starter program but LL is just plain better. Coach David isn't afraid to tell you the truth - the entire truth - about weight loss and getting fit. It is a lot of work and it is just plain hard at times! The the feeling you get when you are doing the program correctly is AMAZING! I'm not at my current goal but the feeling I have right now is awesome - I can't really describe it but I just feel great and so can you!

There is my shameless plug for what I consider the best program around!!! I'm off to get dressed and go for my 7 mile run. Writing all this has gotten me so psyched - I can't wait to start my run!! LATER!

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