Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday 5/3/07 & Friday 5/4/07

My legs are starting to feel the fatigue of this week (21.2 miles since Saturday). Tomorrow is a non-running day and I think I will enjoy it. I will probably not exercise in the am and then just do some easy biking in the afternoon. I still have a weight loss goal to reach so I don't want to completely stop exercising but it will definitely be an easy day tomorrow. Saturday is my scheduled long run and I'm shooting for between 7 & 8 miles.

It was definitely a struggle to get out the door this morning but between the weight loss goal and keeping Tim in my thoughts, I was able to get out.

I actually started this entry on Thursday morning and then never got back to it - oh well! Today was supposed to be a rest day and it was pretty much an easy day. I was able to get on the bike for a nice easy spin for about 25 minutes. Tomorrow will be different though! It is my long run day so it will be out the door a little after 5am to go to my Saturday morning path. I have really come to look forward to those runs. I love running and watching the sun start to come up - seeing all the different colors in the sky is just amazing!

It's funny, just last year I was almost afraid to do a run that was in the 8 mile range - and even thinking about a marathon was TOTALLY out of the question. It is amazing how much your body and mind can change in the course of a year. I guess that is the whole point - always striving to push yourself to something new. It doesn't have to be huge like an ultra marathon, it just has to be something new and different and challenging to you.

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