Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday 5/6/07

I have to admit that I'm a touch bummed this morning. Yesterday was a great day! I had an awesome run and my eating was pretty good. I did have a dinner that was high in sodium so I'm thinking that it was the culprit. I really thought I would make my goal weight this morning but it actually went up a .5 pound. Realistically, I know it is water weight and I'm not overly concerned about it - I was just really excited about the day yesterday and thought I would be at goal today. Such is life, I just have to drink a boat load of water today and just keep on - keepin' on!

On the good side, I got out for my run this morning and my legs felt pretty good. I didn't feel overly tired or sluggish which I think is a good sign that I'm not progressing too fast.

Today will be a busy work day - lots of projects to get done. Unfortunately, all of it is school related (work school and class school). I still have to finish my homework and then finish some work projects for our Spring Arts Night. Luckily, Bill is taking Will to his birthday party and I will have some time to get stuff done. I had originally wanted to take Ally out and do something special but I realised last night that I have A LOT to get finished today AND when I woke up this morning a cold front had moved in and has really kicked up the wind. I don't think we would be very comfortable doing things outside today.

Speaking of birthday parties - I have take my kids to more birthday parties in the last month or so, than I think I attended in my entire life! Everybody has a lot of fun but it takes up a great deal of time and it is getting a touch expensive. Just a bit of a rant!

Off to start my busy day with a childless (my children that is) church service. I'm really looking forward to the quiet time with the Lord - hard to do with the kids sitting next to me trying to get my attention all the time.

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