Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday 5/5/07

I had a great run this morning. I ran 8.3 miles and felt great (8:30m/m)! There was only one time when I felt like my legs were a little heavy and I know exactly why it happened. At around 5 miles, I stopped to use the bathroom and when I got going again my legs were feeling a bit tired. The sensation went away pretty quickly though.

The weather is great right now for morning running. It was 47 degrees when I got started so I was a bit chilly at the beginning but I'm able to do the entire run in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I love when I don't have to put on 100 layers just to get out and exercise. The sunrise was beautiful again today. However, the best part was that I saw a red fox. It probably had babies somewhere close because it was MAD at me! I've never heard a fox make any noise and was very surprised to hear it squawk at me - it sounded a lot like a bird. I was actually afraid for a minute that it might charge at me. I was trying to give it lots of space. The whole incident went off without incident though and boy did it give me a boost - it is very cool to see nature out and about. We (humans) are spreading out so much that seeing things like that have become such a rarity.

Well off to do the rest of my day - I think I'm heading out the door to have a catch with my daughter!

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