Friday, September 15, 2006

It's been a while......

....since I've posted. This week has just flown by! Trying to get all my routines (home, work and exercise) in place has been not only tough but also tiring. Each day was gone before I knew it.

Workouts have been progressing, I'm still experiencing periodic foot twinges but it hasn't been happening quite as often. I will admit that I have had days where my focus isn't where it should be. On these days in particular, I have made sure that I've not done an afternoon workout. I don't want to push myself into an overtraining situation.

Something happened today that has really made me angry. I'm hoping by writing about it I will feel better. Yesterday I stopped at the local dollar store, to see if there was anything I could use at school. I found a couple of things for school and for my own kids. Both my kids had seen recorders (instrument type) and wanted one. So when I saw a 2 pack for a dollar I thought what the heck. I also bought my son a small nerf type football. Well, some time last night my son took off the small bottom portion of the recorder. I asked him where it was and would he please find it so we could put it back together. He said he didn't know and that he wasn't going to look for it. I told him that if he didn't find it I was going to have throw it away because it was broken. After less than one day he told me he didn't want it and I should throw it away. I told him that if he didn't care about the things I've gotten for him, maybe I should take the football back too (he begged for both the ball and the recorder yesterday). He told me that he didn't care.

I really thought I was doing something really nice for him and I feel like I've just been kicked by my own son. I know he is young (almost 4) but it still really hurts my feelings when I've tried to get him something that he would really enjoy. This on top of a situation last night where both kids where flat out lying to us about something that happened to one of their toys. I know kids try and push their boundaries but I want to believe that my dh and I have taught them better - no lying and appreciating the things they have.

I guess we need a bit more work.


Anna said...

I am so sorry your kids amde you feel this way. Being a new Mom I have not experienced this but I have actually thought of this kind of situation alot. Especially after i've been up half the night comforting or just the general super human parenting stuff we all do. I just wanted to say that if you did not feel hurt and sad and angry, you would not be human. I hope to hear how it all worked out. Just remember that despite their actions that day, theu love you much!

Julie said...

Cheryl - I'm so sorry for the hard time with the kids. I can totally relate right now. Both of mine are going through a new stage - Mai with unrelenting clinginess to mama and Jack has started being mouthy (I never thought I would say that about my angel baby) and he has also started lying. With the lying part, we had him watch Pinocchio and now when he lies we ask him if he thinks his nose is growing (hehe) and he immediately tells us the truth. Not sure where this is headed, but at least we've found a way to get him to admit the truth even if it starts as a lie. Guess I need to do some book reading about how to handle these situations so I can feel a bit in control again. If I come across a good book, I'll mention it to you.
In the meantime - keep your cool (I know it's hard, but I'll try too!)