Saturday, September 09, 2006

8 Mile Run & Some Venting!

I had a great run this morning. The weather was beautiful, although it was a bit foggy where I was running. I has some low areas and the fog always settles down in those areas on the cooler mornings. My pace was under 9/mile - I'm not exactly sure what the exact pace was because I got a couple of really funky readings while I was out there.

I did get a couple of twinges in my foot around mile 2 but it cleared up pretty quickly. I'm really starting to think that it is the bunion on my foot that is causing the trouble. I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare me. From past work experiences, I know that foot problems can be really hard to deal with. Even if you go to a podiatrist and have things corrected it can continue to give you trouble for a really long time. Unfortunately, since it hasn't cleared up, I'm afraid I will need to seek medical attention.

I also need to buckle down on my nutrition. Since reaching my weight, which I am maintaining by the way so no real problems, I've been allowing myself some extra "extras". I'm saying this from a performance point of view. My body needs the best and I need to make it a priority to give it the best.

Now I have to take a moment to vent! My husband just got back from his exercise session (he walks). While he was walking a woman drove up next to him and started to verbally abuse him (vulgar language and everything) - the reason for the explosion? She was an EXTREMELY large woman and she was mad at him because he's skinny and because he exercises. We exercisers apparently make those who don't, look bad. Well duh! I'm sorry, I just don't have any patience or sympathy for these people! I'm not going to look down on you because you are overweight but I'll be damned if I'm going to feel bad or take your crap because you are insecure about yourself. I look good! I feel good! I am healthy! That's a whole lot more than she can say.

I think I'll make up some business cards that say Leanness Lifestyle up. If she ever comes near us again, we can had her a card and share with her how much of a difference it can make in your life. Hey Coach David, if you happen to see this entry, don't worry - I would never do that without getting an OK from you. I feel better now - thanks for letting me vent!

Work hard, eat right and reach for your goals!

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Julie said...

Weird people in this world.
Um...I think Dave actually has LL business cards you can order. I should check in with him about that. I seem to remember my workout partner Tracy having some LL cards Dave printed up for her a year or so ago. Worth checking into.