Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today was our first day of conferences at school. Things went really well! I will also add that I'm still a bit nervous about all the things (paperwork type things) that I will have to do this year. I'm sure that once I go through the process once things will be fine - just experiencing the fear of the unknown I guess.

My run didn't feel all that hot today. It wasn't bad (about an 8:30 pace for around 4 miles) but I just never felt "good". My foot was a bit sore today. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to see someone about it. The weird thing about it though is that I can't pinpoint one thing that always flares it up. It isn't sore to the touch and there is no swelling - I'm at a loss!

It's getting late and I will be off to bed soon. Since I've been kind of tired lately, I'm actually going to sleep in a bit tomorrow since the only thing I have scheduled is my LBWO and I can do that after school. It's pretty sad when sleeping until 5:30 am is sleeping in - LOL!

Work hard, eat right and reach for your goals!


Gina said...

Hi Cheryl, How's the foot today?

Cheryl said...

Thanks for asking Gina. It's really weird because it comes and goes. I'm beginning to think that it is all being caused by the bunion I have on my foot - you've got to love genetics. It has actually been a fear that lurks in the back of my mind for a while now. I'm so active and it would be really hard if my feet started causing me trouble and I had to alter my lifestyle because of my feet. But, life goes on and I will make it through!

Thanks again for asking.