Sunday, September 03, 2006

"I'm Ready...I Am Invincible...I Can Do Anything!"

The above title comes from a CD that I bought my husband for his birthday. I was kind of a joke gift for him and a CD that the kids can listen to and I can use at school (especially when I'm teaching my gym classes). The CD is filled with songs inspired by the kids show Kim Possible. One of the songs is titled "I'm Ready" and in the song are the words "I am invincible, I can do anything!" How awesome is that for not only kids to hear but also us adults. I played the CD while I was driving to where I was doing my long run this morning. It is such an uplifting idea and upbeat song that it gets me all fired up to workout. It is definitely going in my psych-up collection.

My run went well - 7 miles at a 8:54 pace. I didn't need any emergency bathroom stops (I was able to plan my route around some bathrooms and stopped even if I didn't feel like I had to). My timing was perfect on the bathroom front. I did have a couple of twinges in my foot, mostly at the beginning. After I got warmed up, it felt really good. I felt very strong the whole time I was running - I really can't believe how far I've come in 6 short months. The weight is gone and I'm feeling strong running 7-8 miles at a time. I know I keep mentioning it but Leanness Lifestyle really feels like a life saver to me. I can't believe just how yucky I felt before finding this program. It has changed how I view everything in my life!

Speaking of feeling strong and doing amazing things - let's here it for Julie A. who ran 18 miles yesterday. Way to go Julie A.!!!! I also want to send some huge woo hoos to Julie B. who is running somewhere between 32 and 38 straight hours - now that blows my mind!! I'm not sure exactly when she started or when she will finish but that woman is amazing!!

Just as both Julies have:
Work hard, eat right and REACH FOR YOUR GOALS!


Julie said...

Great run, Cheryl! Isn't it nice when there are bathrooms around? I love doing Forest Park runs, but being up there without a bathroom can sure be a painful experience. We went by our aid station 3 times yesterday (a restaurant with a bathroom!!) so of course I didn't need to go but once.

Grat job on your pace!! - We are ready, we are invincible...WE CAN DO ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!


Gina said...

Cheryl--You sound really GREAT! I may have to check out the Kim Possible song ;) My BFL Challenge will be over in a couple of weeks and I bought the LL book over a year ago but did not try the website. Is it ok if I email you a couple of questions? Gina

Cheryl said...

Thanks guys!

Gina - absolutely drop me an email!! I will answer any questions that I can. It is an awesome program - I just can't believe what a difference it made for me.

Julie - I would love to have that option! I'm not sure when you run but I go out at 5am and most of the businesses that I go by aren't even open yet. The ones that are don't let you use the bathroom. There have been many runs where I've had to do some pretty fancy steps to get myself home (not fun)

Have a great day!