Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Feel Like I've Lost Focus!

This weight maintenance thing just plain sucks - it really messes with my brain! While I was in the process of losing all the weight these last 5 -6 months I was really able to focus on that goal. Since I've attained my weight loss goal, I've felt a bit lost. I am really struggling with sticking to my nutrition plan (and yes, I still make one each night - well most nights anyway). There always seems to be this little voice that tells me, "you've reached your goal you can let go a bit - if you're a couple pounds above your target weight, it's not that big a deal......". It's all bullsh** and I know it but yet I am still finding myself with food I know I should not have and shoving it in my mouth.

I remember reading a section in the Leanness Lifestyle book where it talked about going through stages of readiness. These past 5 months I have definitely been in the Action stage, but somehow I've backslid out of that stage and now I'm feeling lost. Yes, some of it is because I can't give my fitness program my undivided attention - school has to have a high priority right now. I'm still learning the ropes at being the primary teacher for a class, last year I was an assistant and worked with one of the best teachers I've had the privilege to be around. She was always in such control and had a wonderful program (helps when you've been doing it for 15+ years). I'm really striving to have a class just like hers. Unfortunately it doesn't come easy when you are just starting out and it takes A LOT of work. Plus, I'm trying to adjust to a new schedule - my dd is now in full day Kindergarten and I've entered the world of having to stop my day in order to go and pick her up at 3 pm.

I'm not trying to use these factors as excuses. I am making the choices about what goes in my mouth and the choices are not currently the right ones. I guess I'm just listing things out in order to try and get a handle on them myself. I'm not quite sure where to start right now. I'm finding it hard to get done all my normal daily "things" so sitting down to re-read LL or something along that line isn't in the cards right now. I need to find a way to get my head screwed back on right. Maybe a leverage is what I need. I'll need to think on it for a while.

I will be going to the beach tomorrow - it's a surprise to the kids and I can't wait to see their reaction. We will be going for the weekend and I'm really hoping for some nice weather so we can have one last hurray on the beach.

Work hard, EAT RIGHT and reach for your goals!


Anonymous said...

Once you reach the goal, the new goal is maintenance. It's easy to drift back. And it seems to happen faster going backwards!

But stick with it.

At age 55, I'm in better shape than I was at age 35. My goal is to get another 30 years out of this life.

I wish you well.

Nick Borelli

Cheryl said...

Thanks Nick,

Yes, it is very easy to drift back into old habits.

Congrats on your acheivements too!


Gina said...

Sorry you are having a rough time with maintenance. I am sure it takes some getting used to just like anything else. I have no doubt you will figure it out!