Saturday, June 30, 2007

What an Awesome run! - 6/30/07

I went on my first trail run this morning with Lori and Jim and it was great! We started at about 5:30 am and ran for 8 miles. Lori and Jim went on after I finished but I was scheduled for 8 miles so I kept to my plan. I finished in 1:27 which was a 10:52m/m pace. This is a slower pace than normal for me but I ran the whole distance instead of using the run/walk technique. I thought it was PERFECT! I'll be interested to see if my ankles or knees baulk from running on the uneven ground. Lori and Jim are a lot of fun to run with and I love getting out on the trails - I would run trails every day if I could! I now know why Julie B loves her trail run so much! I will be back next week for sure!!

My eating was great yesterday and my weight dropped to 140 which was my goal weight for the week. I still have some exercise minutes to make up if I want to make this week's leverage. Charlene from LL challenged me to eat according to my plan all weekend which is going to be difficult because I'm taking Ally to a birthday party today. I will really need to stay focused so that I don't find myself nibbling. I just need to keep my goals in mind and stay strong!
Off to do my weekend chores!

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