Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me & Day 2!

No I'm not crazy, it is not day 1 of my birthday, it is day 2 of my challenge. Yesterday was a pretty good day and my weight dropped to 140.5. Just so that everyone knows, at LL we track our weight daily. I don't get all that hung up on the number because I know that weight can fluctuate wildly in the course of the day. Until I started at LL, I never realize just how much what we eat and drink can effect our daily weight - I knew it fluctuated but didn't realize the extent of that fluctuation. I realize that some out there would consider daily weigh-ins excessive. However, I feel that as long as you don't get obsessive about it, it is a great tool. Coach Dave suggests you weigh daily and plot it on a chart (done for you at Club Lifestyle). By doing this you really do see trends and the big picture. Trends are important (especially for women) because you can get a handle on what happens to your body within a given month. The big picture is obviously important - even if your weight goes up and down every day, by plotting it on the chart you can watch the overall weight move downward - very motivating!

As for my birthday - I started it out with a great interval workout. I ran a total of 4.7 miles and the average pace was 8:08m/m which included my warm-up and cool-down running. I've also made some of Hokie's Sweet Potato Brownies. So far a pretty productive morning! We are going out to dinner tonight - I think I'll choose Red Lobster as my dinner place that way I can get some yummy food but try and keep it a bit on the healthy side. I want to enjoy the food and the company (my family of course) but not go completely off the deep end.

I'm also really excited about starting a Bible Study! Kristen, Julie, Melissa, Helen and I are going to be studying Max Lucado's book called It's Not About Me and I am really looking forward to it. It has been a long time since I've been able to participate in one. Ever since I started working, I lost my weekly Bible study group and I have really missed it. It will be good to get back into a study group.

Well, off to run some errands!

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Julie True said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Cheryl!!! Sorry I'm late with the wishes! I think we're the same age?? I'm going to have to go look at your profile again.
I had a dream last night that someone told me I looked old. Guess you could call it a nightmare, not a dream. I feel so young...