Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My night class (TECE I) that is! It was a lot of fun and I learned a great deal but boy am I glad it is finished. It started back in January - can you believe it? It was 60 hours of class work, which was very hard but we had an awesome group of women in the class which made it a blast to attend each week. I'm planning on taking the second class in the series (TECE II) starting in September. So, there won't be a huge amount of down time but I'm definitely going to enjoy the summer!

TECE II will start at the beginning of January but because they are going to start doubling up the classes in November, we will be done before Christmas! I figured that if I was already in the classroom mode it would be better to get right back to it. Having it finished before the end of the year is just an added bonus!

Now back to training! I have officially started my 18 week marathon program! Yesterday was a cross training day (biking and weight lifting). Today was the first run of the program. I did a touch over 3 miles and my pace was 7:54 m/m. I decided to push the pace today to get in a hard workout. I want to make sure that I put a bit of a push into some of my runs but I need to make sure that I'm careful. I chose the Intermediate I program so I just need to be careful.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a 5 mile run and I think I'm going to try and head over to the Y and meet up with a few other runners. I'm hoping to be able to meet them a couple of times a week (maybe for my longer weekday run - Wednesdays and for my long run - Saturday). I haven't run in a group of people since I was a kid. I would occasionally go with my Dad to a group run a long time ago but haven't done it since. I'm really hoping to be able to work it out. I just need to make sure I get back in time for Bill to get to work on Wednesdays. The Saturday run is kind of far away so when the runs start getting really long we will have to work something out. I'm hoping he will be his normal supportive self!

Well, it is time to start getting us ready to get the kids to their swim lessons. Yesterday went pretty well and they are both looking forward to going back today. Yesterday was a bit of a short lesson because they had to get the kids into their correct classes. I'm hoping they will be able to cover a bit more today. I think Will is a tweener - he is a bit passed some of the things they are covering in his class but not up to the class Ally is in. I think Ally is right where she needs to be.

Off to get ready!

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