Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday 6/2/07

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome."
Arthur Ashe, tennis player
I've been getting motivational quotes from Runners World and I love this one. The best part is that it is true. Just by keeping at it, day in and day out, you become a success. You may not be where you originally pictured yourself but you will be better off than when you started. How many times have we told ourselves: "I don't think I'll exercise today because I'm just too tired." but then we force ourselves to get out and do it anyway and feel absolutely AWESOME for having accomplished the task. The journey that we traveled in order to complete the exercise session that day, made us a success in that one aspect of our lives. Deep stuff for sure (LOL)!
Yes, I did get out and exercise today - 8 miles. It felt pretty good. The pace was around 8:45m/m and the temperature was around 70 degrees when I started at 5:30 am. The first heat wave is officially here. Nothing monumental happened - it was just a nice run on a nice morning.
Nutrition has been fair this week. There were actually a couple of days when I didn't prepare well enough but overall I'm slowly dropping a couple of pounds and will drop down at least 10 pounds for the race. That is one of my goals - to run the race at 130#. I think that is a doable weight that I can not only attain but also stick with over a period of time.
Hoping to have a nice fun day with the family. Maybe get to the pool or go for a bike ride. Have a great weekend!
I just realized that I have officially passed the 1/2 way mark to my goal of running 500 miles. I now know that I'm going to pass that total relatively easily - I made the goal before I decided to train for a marathon. It will still be cool to pass 500 miles and then see how far I can go during the rest of the year!

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