Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday 6/8/07

"The five S's pf sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit."Ken Doherty, former coach and Penn Relays director
Today was a pretty trying day. First thing this morning I had to take our dog to the vet. Let me just say, Boomer (my dog), does not like the vet at all. It is always stressful for both him and us when we go - not to mention expensive!
Then in the afternoon, we had to take Will (my son) to the hospital for his pre-surgical check-up. Today was pretty much just paper work and physical type stuff but it still makes you realize that he is have surgery on Monday. He has a blocked oil duct on his eye lid and the surgeon is going to make a small incision and unblock it. Everyone is telling us that it is a short easy procedure but it isn't really the procedure that concerns me. You never know how someone is going to react to anesthesia and that is really the part that concerns me about the whole day. I know deep down that God is looking over us all and will watch over him and keep him safe but I guess it is human nature to worry - I need to find a way to hand it all over to Him and be at peace.
Today was a rest day and tomorrow is my long run (9 miles). I have been able to drop about 3 pounds since starting my last goal on LL. My eating has in no way been perfect but I think I'm actually starting to turn things around. I am thinking about things before I eat them - I think that is a positive step. Sometimes I still give in and eat the "crap" but at other times I am able to stop myself and either make a better choice or just forgo all together.
One thing I am disappointed in is that I have only gotten 1 donation, for Tim, from my daughter's Kindergarten class. I would have expected to have gotten more of a response from them in particular. I sent notes to the entire school but didn't necessarily expect everyone to run up and donate. I did however, expect the Kindergarten class to show more support. This isn't to say that I won't hear from them as the summer progresses - I just don't know.
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