Friday, July 06, 2007

It's been a good week!

Boy has this week been busy. Bill has been off work since Wednesday so we've been able to spend a lot of family time at the pool. Bill has been able to go to some of the kid's swim lessons and then we've stayed to have lunch and play in the pool. They put on a really nice 4th of July party which we will have no problem going back to next year!

My workouts have been going really well. I ran with Lori and Jim on Tuesday and then by myself the rest of the week. I'll also be meeting Lori on Saturday. This week we will be road running so no trails this week - I hope we jump back into that soon. I had such a great time with that last weekend but I will need to get myself some trail shoes.

I had some up and down days nutritionally. Tuesday was really bad - I started binging on banana chips and could not stop luckily my weight wasn't drastically affected. Then Wednesday was better but still not great. But man did I rock the house yesterday - I had a great day and the scale finally moved downward. I dropped to 138.5 which is a 1.5# lose for the week so far. It really made me feel good to finally see some movement - it really fires you us to be rewarded for your work.

I am also really trying to make an effort to change my way of thinking. I started reading Taming the Feast Beast and it has brought up some interesting points. Then I read an interesting post on LL and it made me realize that I'm still really struggling with the "diet" mentality. I need to move past that thought process and begin to view it as a lifestyle. I don't think I have really made that transition - some of the parts of the puzzle are there (mostly with exercise) but many of the nutritional parts are still askew. That will be my main focus for a while.

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