Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long Run 7/7/07

Went on a great group run this morning - it wasn't nearly as many people in the above picture - there were 3 of us. Doesn't really matter how many people there are though - I have just loved running with other people. We covered 9.6 miles in just under 1:40. I really think the slower pace is helping me a lot and just having other around is awesome!

I'm meeting Lori tomorrow morning to run the trails again. So, of course, I had to go out and get some trail shoes. They were expensive ($110) but luckily I had a gift certificate left for Women's Sports Specialties so I only ended up paying about $63. They are Asics and they felt really good so I'm hoping that they will feel good while I'm running and will help protect my feet from all the rocks and such.

Nutrition has been good so far today. I'm really making an effort to keep things reigned in because I had my splurge meal last night and I tend to make 1 splurge meal into a couple of splurge days. I've finally started to move my weight down and I want to keep that trend going.

Off to start a nice healthy dinner

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