Monday, July 31, 2006

Whew, What a Day!

The day started out like any other day - up at a little before 5 am for my run. Again the heat was awful - 75 degrees and 95% humidity. But I braved the heat and went on my 3 mile run. I wanted to run the route at a pace between 8 & 8:30. My average pace was 7:50 so I'm really happy about that. It was hard but if I don't start getting used to that type of pace I won't be able to hit 7:30 for my race!

Then I came home and did the morning routine. As soon as all that was finished and the kids got up and fed we were off to the grocery store (there by about 9 am). I'm spending more and more time in the produce section - really cool because I've never really been much of a veggie person. I'm really working on that though!

After the groceries were put away, I went out and started to cut the grass. We have a pretty good size yard so it can take a while. Oh, did I mention that it is really hot here right now? I finished one section in the back yard and then stopped to clean the kids pool. It took a pretty fair amount of scrubbing - we haven't used it in a while so it got kind of grimey. Then it was inside to make, and eat, lunch for me and the kids. After that short break it was back out to finish cleaning and filling the pool. While the pool was filling, I finished cutting the front yard. By the time I was finished in the front, the pool was finished and it was time to get the kids in their bathing suits and suntan lotion.

While the kids were in the pool I finished cutting the back yard. By that time I was hot, tired and ready for a break! I was able to sit down for about 15 minutes - long enough to finish my exercise log - and then the kids wanted out of the pool. So it was back to work getting the kids dried and dressed.

Next on tap on tap was dinner. I made a nice chicken pasta salad with lots of veggies. After dinner, I took my daughter to the library. When we got back, I did my legs-biceps lifting session. Then it was time to read to the kids and get them to bed.

Boy, what a day! I'm done!!

Work hard, eat right and reach your goals!

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