Saturday, July 29, 2006


We made it to the State Fair yesterday and had a really great time! The only problem was a storm came through and I had to carry my son to shelter. He's 3 and doesn't always walk real fast. I picked him up and carried him on my shoulders. That in and of itself wasn't the problem - I was also carrying a drink that we had just purchased (they had no lids for the cups). Then we had a nice long drive home. Unfortunately, all of that caused a pretty bad neck spasm. I get them fairly regularly so I started treating it immediately but boy did it hurt!

Because of the spasm, I didn't do my long run this morning. I was however, able to get out for a cross training walk and plan on doing my run tomorrow morning. I'm feeling much better this evening and I am very thankful for that fact!

Work hard, eat well and reach your goals!

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