Thursday, July 27, 2006

Easy Run Day

It is a good thing that I was planning an easy day for today because my legs are feeling tired this morning. I still managed a 9 min/mile pace and felt pretty good doing it. I found a very nice rhythm while I was out there.

Tomorrow's training is upper body lifting. It will be nice to not have any running on tap. I really hope that will allow my legs to recover so that I can have a good long run on Saturday. I will be doing a fair amount of walking tomorrow though. We are hoping to take the kids to the DE State Fair on Friday. I'm not sure what the day will hold specifically but I do know that it is held on a pretty big piece of land so there will be lots of walking from place to place.

Now onto another subject - nutrition. I've really been struggling with this aspect lately. I realized, while out on my run, that I've gradually allowed junk-type food to get into the house. Over time, the kids have asked to have pudding or marshmallows and I've given in and let them have them. I've known for quite some time that if that type of food is in the house, I tend to eat it. I nibble on it throughout the day - never a big binge but by the end of the day it has added way too many calories. Here is my plan to deal with it. I'm going to start posting notes on things like "Cheryl, not for you!" "This is for the kids only!" "Cheryl stick to your plan!" and "133" (that last one is my goal weight). Then, after the junkie stuff is gone, I'm going back to my practice of not buying it. I know some of you are saying: "throw it out!" and I've actually thought about that. But most of it is already gone and I don't mind the kids have pudding because it is good calcium for them. I just need to keep my grubby little hands off of it.

Well, I guess that is my confession for the day: "I'm a junk food junkie!" and not very proud of that. However, I'm working at it every day and that is all we can ask of ourselves!

Train hard, eat well and achieve your goals!

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