Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What an Eye-Opener!

Today's run workout was a 25 minute tempo run. I have discovered that I pretty much stink at maintaining a constant pace. The workout consisted of a 10 minute warm-up, 5 minutes of gradually increasing speeds (in 1 minute intervals) & a 10 minute cool-down. (I think I wrote about my Forerunner yesterday, but it has the ability to create workouts and then the watch can signal you to go faster slower etc.) Well, I created the tempo run program and as I went along it told me when I needed to change. In theory this is excellent. In practice, since I'm so bad at maintaining pace, it was quite difficult. The Forerunner would tell me that I was going too fast so I would slow down but it seemed like as soon as I did, it was telling me that I had slowed down too much and that I now had to speed up. I learned something from the experience so that is the important part. Next week I do intervals and the following week will be another tempo run. I think I'll give the program another try and then make a decision as to whether it might be easier to do the workout without the program.

A bit later, it was time for my Legs and Bicep workout. It was a good workout - moderate intensity today but it felt good. I do all my training at home so I'm limited with my equipment but so far it has worked well. I really struggle with dumbbell squats so I've taken to doing front squats with our E-Z curl bar. (We don't have space for a long straight bar.) I can feel my legs working much more with this exercise as compared to the dumbbell squats. Also worked hams with straight-legged deadlifts and calves with heel raises. I'm keeping my weight low and my reps high for my calves. I don't need huge bodybuilder calves but they need to be strong enough to push off the ground for long periods of time plus I know they are already getting a lot of work during each and every run. Next came biceps/forearms with standing dumbbell curls and E-Z bar reverse curls. Overall a great morning.

I'm also going to be able to get a touch more cardio in tonight. There is a museum in our area that is on some beautiful grounds. It is owned by the DuPont family and they open the grounds up on Wednesday nights, in July and August, so that people can come in and ride bikes, walk, run etc. It is right by a river and surrounded by trees and beautiful buildings. There are even a few building that you can go in and the kids can do some hands on learning. We love to go each week but haven't been able to get there at all in July. Well, tonight that all changes! We are going to take our bikes and the whole family is going for a ride (some pretty nasty hills there too).

Overall, I think this is going to be an excellent fitness day. Hopefully I will also see a downward movement on the scale. I still have those last few pounds to lose and I've kind of stalled a bit lately.

Workout hard and eat right and you will reach your goals!

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