Thursday, June 30, 2011

Asylum: Day 11 & Self-Talk

Well, here it is day 11 of this awesome program! I can't believe I'm almost 1/2 way thru!! This was a very busy and strange week for me. I saw, first hand, just how much of an effect my self-talk can have on my actions. Here is how the past week or so has gone:

Last Saturday, during my long run, my legs felt a bit tired and sluggish. During our conversations I was telling everyone what the Asylum sessions were like and how much I liked them. I also stated that I was semi-worried because I wasn't getting many breaks (between my group runs, the runs with the kids & the Asylum workouts). Then this week started: MD appointment on Monday, my parents took the kids Tuesday because I had jury duty (I had to then pick them up in the evening), dentist appointment Wednesday and and my hubby is off the rest of the week.

Monday I had a great workout. Tuesday I had a really good run but couldn't do my Asylum workout because of time crunch. Wednesday I had wanted to make up the Vertical Plyo workout that I missed on Tues and then do the scheduled Relief but I ended up doing the Relief workout and most of the P90X stretching workout. Today I did my long run for the week because most of my group is going away for the holiday weekend so again no Asylum workout. I will adjust my workouts for the rest of the week to make up some of these missed Asylum workouts.

Now here is the interesting part. I know, deep down in my soul, that a fair amount of this stress I've been feeling and the missed workouts has stemmed from that initial conversation on the long run. I got it in my head that I wasn't getting enough rest and then "The Beast" took hold. Up until that time, my eating was spot on and my workouts were great. Then all of a sudden I missed some workouts and my eating started to go downhill. It all started IN MY HEAD with my Negative Self-Talk! I made this happen and now it is time for me to use some Positive Self-Talk and get things turned around!

I think my plan is to switch today's workout with Saturday's workout. So, since my long run was today, I'll do the Game Day & Overtime workouts on Saturday. I'll keep Friday's workout as it should be - Back to Core. That will get me back on track in terms of my exercising. I will also get back into planning my meals. I definitely got off track on that one but not anymore!!!

Take home message here - watch what you tell yourself. Even if you know something isn't true tell yourself good things and positive things. Don't let that "Beast" worm its way into you head and lifestyle. Remember, "You Are What You Think About Most"! So when you tell yourself positive and healthy thoughts your body will find a way to fulfill those thoughts and wishes. Write yourself notes, recite mantras - find what works for you but do it! Without your head and thought processes being in synch with your desires and goals, your body won't follow through and it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will attain those goals.

You and I are worth a healthy body AND a healthy mind!

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