Wednesday, June 01, 2011

17 Days & The June 10 Day Challenge

WOW the race is only a little more than 2 weeks away!!! Where has the time gone??

The past couple of days I've been doing some Cardio Coach workouts on my bike. They have been awesome workouts - this morning I added a lifting session (Workout1 of Flex 4). My right heel has been bugging me a bit, more of a tight feeling than a pain but it has been over the heel section and not in my calf or foot. I've been nervous to try an Insanity workout and the bike has been perfect. Yesterday morning it was really tight and after the bike session, it felt great. Today was better before I started and I haven't had any trouble. Tomorrow is a run day so I'll see how it feels before, during and after the run.

Today started another 10 Day Challenge and I feel like I really need it! My eating has been slacking a bit. I think it was in part because of all the schedule changes going on right now. I'm still adjusting to school being over and the kids are having a lot of special functions to go to. It all results in grabbing food on the go and that usually causes me big trouble! Today has been good though - I've been very mindful of the food I've eaten which is a great first step! I also made a big fruit salad today (love the fresh fruit this time of year) which will be a lot of my dessert type food and will save a lot of calories.

Last night we signed Will up for a baseball camp - it's my baby's first camp! He seemed happy about going....I'm never sure how he is going to react to surprises like that. That's his big "gift" for the summer and Ally's will be a new bike. We will get that either this week or next - all depends on the schedule. She too was happy about her "surprise".

Busy rest of the day so I better get to it - have a great day!

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