Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving On.....

I would be lying if I didn't admit to still being a bit frustrated about this weekend's race. However, there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on things past. On we move!

Today has been AWESOME!!!! I started Insanity: The Asylum today and it was great! The first workout is Speed & Agility (which I have little of btw). It incorporates the agility ladder and boy does that make a huge difference. This workout uses some of the same ab exercises but you have to put your feet into different sections of the ladder. This made an unbelievable difference - really wakes you us to the fact that you were slackin' off as you got tired.

I just thought I sweated with Insanity. I was absolutely drench after this mornings workout. I did have 1 problem though - my room isn't really big enough. I had to move the ladder around in the room for some of the exercises. Like when I had to switch from my hands in the ladder to my feet being in the ladder. I don't have enough room on both side of the ladder to make the switch without stopping - truthfully I'm glad to get a little extra rest (LOL!).

I have also made a promise to myself - I am going to really focus on my nutrition. I'm taking this first week to really focus on a few points:
  1. I will reduce my dairy intake to no more than 1 serving per day.
  2. I will avoid ALL fast food (if I go out, I will bring my own food).
  3. I will continue to drink 1 gallon of water each day.
Today has been spot on! I'm still working on my water but the rest has been perfect. I am hopeful that this will make a huge difference in the progress that I see.

Tomorrow is a running day but I am also going to incorporate the Asylum workout. It is the strength workout. I'm not sure what amount of weight I'll use but I know I'm going to keep it light, at least for the first time through. I know this is going to be a really tough 30 days but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Here's to the next 30 days!!

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Jessica Bienvenue Fitness Guru said...

Nice job on starting Asylum, Cheryl!! It's crazy, right? I also have to move the ladder around. I think your nutrition goals sound great and are doable. Keep it up and thank you for the inspiration :)