Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Days and Insanity: The Asylum

I have been so slacking on my posts!!! I have continued with my workouts and have been running with the kids. Sunday I actually slept in and it was wonderful - I can't tell you the last time I actually rolled back over in bed and stayed there!! So as a result, Sunday was a complete rest day. On Monday, I went for a run/walk with the kids and the dog (covered just shy of 4 miles), Tuesday we had an awesome run that was about 5.5 miles and today I did a modified Asylum workout (more on that in a bit) and went running on the trails with the kids and the dog. The run was about 2.5 miles and we actually did a fair amount of walking because Will was getting tired. I think he is developing some allergies and that isn't helping either. I'm trying really hard not to press because I want it to be fun. The "funny" thing is that I really believe that Ally wants to run more (as long as it is flat) and I never thought that would be the way it would turn out. So, now I'm up to date on the workout report! Almost.....

I got my Asylum program in the mail yesterday and have been watching the different workouts just to get a feel of what will be involved. I've been itching to try one but I'm afraid I'd get too sore this close to the race. However, I couldn't resist so I did a modified rendition of Back to Core. It was modified in that I didn't do all the reps or hold things quite as long as they did on the DVD. I did try everything in the workout and was pleasantly surprised with how I did with a couple of the exercises. The Agility workout looks insane and I can't wait to do Game Day!! I am really glad to see that the Relief workout is all stretching. I think it is 25 minutes which is a nice amount of time. I enjoy the P90X stretching workout but some of the stretches work on areas that I don't really need right now and the Asylum routine looked pretty good.

I think I'm going to start to cut back a bit the rest of this week. I'm planning on doing a flat 4 miles tomorrow and maybe try some of the agility ladder drills - not the workouts just some instructional drills that Shaun T shows on the workouts. They are just to get you used to some of the exercises and to become more comfortable using it without stepping on the ladder. I think I may do a yoga workout on Friday and a run/walk with the kids. Then the race is on Saturday! Depending on how I feel on Sunday, I may do the Fit Test for Asylum but if I'm really sore then I'll so a stretching day and start on Monday.

In the home stretch! I haven't set any other goals yet but it may just be getting through the Asylum program. I think this will be tough with my run on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. I have to take a closer look at the schedule and see where I'm going to fit everything in. Have a great day!

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