Saturday, July 02, 2011

Asylum: Day 13 Game Day!!!

I got back on track yesterday and had a great day! My eating was good and I got back into my Asylum workouts (Back to Core - absolutely love that one!), got in a 2 mile run with the kids and a 1.6 mile bike ride. I would have liked to bike more but we just rode to the library, got some books and rode home. I'm trying not to push the kids too hard - I want them to think of exercise as fun and not a chore because that is the only way they will continue it for a lifetime. I've always said, my kids don't have to be sport super-stars but I want them to be active. I want them to find something that they enjoy and are willing to continue.

So today was Game Day. I've watched the workout but hadn't done it yet so I was kind of nervous. I was right to be nervous - it was a BEAST!!! The workout is broken up into sport groups: running, swimming, soccer etc. Then you do a few different moves - Shaun T. style - that simulate that sport. I was absolutely dripping with sweat when I was finished and boy was I finished!! LOL! My entire body was exhausted! I will admit to needing breaks - my goal will be to get through the entire workout without any extra stops (there are water breaks built into the session).

I was pleased with my ability to recover AFTER breakfast. My hubby and I took the pup out for a walk (aprox. 1.5 miles) and my legs felt good. In fact I still feel pretty good but I am feeling a bit tired - I may take a nap. Tomorrow will be my strength workout and I'm looking forward to that workout. I'm going to stick with my 10# dumbbells and see how I get through everything - I may try to increase the weights a touch on the next strength session.

The other thing I would like to try is the jump rope that came with my Asylum package. I can't use it in my house for the workouts because my ceiling is too low. However, I think I may try to get the rope out and try some of the moves in the program. I would just do it as something extra to get some more footwork in. Agility has never been my strong suit and I think the rope will be good for helping me with that as well as helping me get more power in my legs.

Until next time - have a great July 4th weekend!

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