Friday, July 08, 2011

Asylum Day 19

I've been busy lately! This past week I started Chalene's 30 Day Challenge. It is a program on organization and time management. It has been good! I've had to think about things that I haven't really put concrete thought and action to. A lot of us make to do lists, some do so every day and some do so only every once in a while, but this program is forming it into a set program. I've really been enjoying it and encourage everyone to check it out. BTW, it is free.

As for my workouts - they have been pretty good. I had a great run the other day! I think it was especially satisfying because I didn't really want to go fast that day but the group shot out of the gate. I had a decision to make: stay slow and have them run away from me or change my mindset a get on my horse. I chose to go fast but I'll be honest, I was ticked about it at first but I dropped that attitude as fast as it came on. I just focused on doing my best and I was extremely proud at the end! My average pace was 8:39 and we ran 5 miles. This was made especially difficult by the 74 degree and 100% humidity weather.

Tomorrow I have Asylum Game Day and Overtime on the schedule. I've done Game Day once and it was really hard but I've never done the Overtime session yet. I was exhausted the first time I did Game Day so I'm really nervous about adding another 15 minutes of Overtime onto the first session!

I've made some nutritious snacks today. I made a couple of different bars (one from Leanness Lifestyle and one from Precision Nutrition). The one from PN is a bit high in fat but the carbs are pretty low and the one from LL is a bit more balanced between the protein and carbs. I also made some muffins - I hadn't made these muffins in a long time and boy did they taste good today! They too are more of a balance of protein and carbs with lower fat levels. My goal is to make a week's worth of snacks so that I can have lots of variety but I don't have to make it and it isn't highly processed.

This came about because the the 30 Day Challenge. I'm going to make not only 4 weeks of dinner menus (which I do pretty regularly) but I'm also going to create 2 weeks of "daily meals" that have lots of variety but are all put together so I don't have to think about it.

Gotta run - Peace!

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