Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year - New Workout!

Today I started my HST program. Today's workout was a max test day for 15 reps. It was pretty hard but there were a couple of exercises I thought I could have done a touch more weight. Tomorrow will be a cardio day. My workout was as follows:

Dumbbell rows: 25# for 18 reps (need more weight here)
Barbell rows: 25# for 18 reps (using EZ curl bar with 25s on each side)
Decline bench: 35# for 15 reps
Incline bench: 30# for 15 reps
Lying tricep ext.: 15# for 18 reps ( using EZ curl bar with 15s on each side)
Dumbbell bicep curls: 25# for 13 reps
Dumbbell squats: 45# for 18 reps (45s in each hand)
Dumbbell stiff-leg. deadlift: 45# for 17 reps (45s in each hand)
Standing calf raises: 50# for 18 reps

I'm pleased with the effort and am really glad to have this program part of the Muscle Professor (MP) program at Club Lifestyle. The MP takes care of planning the workout and progresses the weights according to how I did on the previous workout - AWESOME!

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Gina said...

Happy New Year Cheryl!!! Great job on the workout :).