Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday (1/2) - CV

Boy did I have a tough time getting going today. Luckily, I didn't have anywhere to go this morning so I took my time and got out when I had a bit more energy. I ran for about 4 miles and my pace was 8:11/mile. I'm pleased with the effort especially because I didn't feel like going out in the first place and because there was a lot of wind which always makes the run harder.

I'm not super sore today which surprises me a bit. I do "feel" it a bit in a couple of places - especially my hamstrings - but I thought it would be worse. I'll probably be sore later on in the week though because the reps go down and the weight goes up.

I'm going to take some pictures and some measurements today or tomorrow so that I have something to compare to later on down the road. I'll be interested to see what the numbers are because I haven't taken any in a while and I haven't been eating all that great over the holidays. I'll try to post them after I take them.

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