Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pictures, stats and other stuff

Wt = 137.5

% Fat = 15.8% (thigh: 13mm; Hip: 14mm; Tricep: 9.5mm)

Fat weight = 21.8#

FFM = 116.2#

I'm not sure that these numbers are completely accurate (I just don't feel like I'm as low as 15.8% fat) but it is a place to start. Measurements that are taken in the future will be taken in the same way so I will be able to compare the numbers.

I've had a good week of exercising. I finished all my max lifting sessions (I won't be lifting for the next week, as per the program, but I will do my CV sessions) and had some really good CV sessions. I got my Cathe DVD (Drill Max) and got to do part of that as well. I think I got through about 3/4 of the DVD. I'm hoping to do the entire workout tomorrow.

I've decided to try and get back to basics with my mental status. I'm trying to "start over". I've made myself a new journal and will really try to journal...STOP I will journal every day. I will plan every day and I will then follow that plan every day!

Today was going really well until this evening. A bunch of things happened and I gave into some stress eating. I'm also going to a friends house tomorrow and there is always a bunch of food when we go so I'm going to need to be VERY careful.

Off to make my plans and write in my journal!

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