Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review of Tuesday and Plan for Wednesday 4/16/08

Today was a good day! I had a few snacks but overall I stuck with my plan and am pleased with my effort.

I'm going to go get some new running shoes tomorrow. While running today, I started to get some pain in the top of my left foot and last week I had some pain on the bottom of my foot. Pain on the top + pain on the bottom = New Shoes (in my book anyway). Speaking of today's run, it was a great one! We set out to run our 5.5 mile hill course and for some reason we started pushing the pace pretty early on. We ended up running 7 miles and had an average pace of 9:28m/m. I'm very pleased with that because the hill is steep and long and Danielle and I pushed it hard the whole way.

1. Monthly: I will weigh 146# by 5/1/08
2. Weekly: I will weigh 148#, lift 2 times & run 5 times by 4/20/08

1. Fritatta
2. Smoothie
3. Tuna & grapes
4. Veggies and cc dip
5. Chicken fried rice (Precision Nutrition)
6. LL cheesecake

4-5 mile run (pretty flat course) & UB lifting session

Wednesday Goals:
1. Run first thing in am.
2. Lift when I get home from work.
3. Follow nutrion plan (bring snack and lunch to work).
4. Drink 72 oz of H2O.
5. Buy new running shoes.

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