Monday, April 14, 2008

Plan for Tuesday 4/15/08

Today is finishing well!

1. Monthly: I will weigh 146# by 5/1/08
2. Weekly: I will weigh 148#, lift 2 times & run 5 times by 4/20/08

1. EW omelet & 1/2 banana
2. Protein/fruit smoothie
3. Tuna & apple
4. Veggies & cc dip
5. Turkey, cranberry sauce & mixed veggies
6. LL cheesecake

Run - 6 mile hill climb

Tuesday Goals:
1. Run first thing in am.
2. Follow nutrition plan - make sure I have everything made and ready to go tonight.
3. Drink 72 oz of H2O - freeze jug tonight and take to work.

I am hopeful that I will see a bit of a budge on the scale tomorrow morning. I will also start posting that info to keep myself accountable.

BTW - if you want a really inspirational read, try reading Julie's blog! She is an amazing person and a great runner to boot!

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