Thursday, April 17, 2008

Review of Thursday & Plan for Friday 4/18/08

Had a few too many snacks today. I found myself eating some bite-size turnovers at work today. They are one of those things that if around....I eat. I tried to modify the rest of my meals but they were still calories that I didn't need to have.

Tomorrow is a room day at work. That means that the kids are off and all the teachers get a chance to do "whatever" needs to get done. We have an open house coming up and I'll probably be working on some of those crafts. I'm really looking forward to being on my own schedule and just doing what needs to be done.

I got my new running shoes today. Lori told me about Holabird and they do have good deals. Shipping is free if you order is over $50ish and I got the shoes in a day and a half. Lori has been using them for a while and has had nothing but good interactions. I may find myself as a regular customer as well.

1. Monthly goal: I will weigh 146# by 5/1/08.
2. Weekly goal: I will lift 2x & run 5x by 4/20/08.

1. Fritatta
2. Smoothie
3. Tuna and baby carrots
4. Veggies & cc dip
5. I have this planned but I don't' have the menu in front of me - it will be healthy
6. LL cheesecake

Tomorrow is a rest day from running but I am going to do an UB workout.

Friday Goals:
1. I will lift in the am.
2. I will follow my nutrition plan - taking my snack and lunch to work.
3. I will drink 72 oz of H2O - did well today (over 72).

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