Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday 4/14/08 Review

Today was both good and bad in terms of my plan. I woke up first thing this morning, to do my lifting, and just couldn't get moving. I felt exhausted! So right off the bat things were going south - but that didn't stop me! I made sure I had breakfast according to plan and made my protein shake for meal 2. Off to work I go and then I realize that in all the morning preparation, I forgot to make my own lunch. After school was over and in between errands I grabbed a burger which again was not to plan - but that didn't stop me! I made sure I did my lifting when I got home and my next meal was according to plan. So far I have had 5 of my 6 meals and feeling confident that the last one will be just how I planned. I have also consumed 72 oz of water.

So, even though my day didn't go exactly how I had planned it, I am quite pleased with how I stopped myself from allowing the day to spiral out of control. Tonight, I plan on making all of tomorrow's lunches so that I don't feel as rushed in the morning.

Tomorrow's plan to follow later!

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