Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trail Running

The Group got out for a trail run this morning and it was awesome! There was still a touch of snow left on the ground in places so I actually got to wear spikes for the first time. It was pretty cool. I didn't feel myself slipping at all and I also couldn't really tell I was wearing the spikes (no sticking or tripping over things). It was Lori's first day back with us, after her Goofy Challenge. She did really well but her legs were understandably tired. We ran a touch over 6 miles at a nice easy pace and even walked a bit. It was just nice having her back with us.

The weather was chilly but nice. As usual, my gloves came off around 15 minutes into the run but the rest of my body felt really good. I'm never quite sure if I've layered correctly at the start. Tomorrow might be another story though. We are planning on running on the roads - I need to run early so that I can make it to church services which means it is too dark to get onto the trails. I can't wait for the summer because it is so much easier to get onto the trails earlier in the morning which then allows for longer runs and not as much disruption to the day with the family. Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be really cold, at least for around here (my apologies to all who live up north a really get the cold temps). The last temperature I saw was 17 degrees as a high and there is a chance of snow flurries when I'll be out running - I WILL be out running though! I just finished reading a story, in my latest Runner's World, about Ryan Shay and his dedication to his sport and passion. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to take my training anywhere near his intensity but it did make me think about how many times I've not gone out because the weather was "bad". He went out in blizzards, I'm not going to do that but I also now feel that maybe a few flurries shouldn't stop me from getting out and doing what I need to do!

Over the past couple of days, I've been doing much better at sticking to my LL plan. My eating has been much more under control and I even got a lifting session in the other day! Today has been a higher calorie day but I've kept it under control. I've had more carbs than I probably should so I may see it on the scale tomorrow but I know that my mind is in a better place and I will see the reductions soon.

There is also a change to my marathon plans. Originally, I was thinking about doing one in MD in March but those plans have been scratched. Plans are not finalized but I think Lori and I (and hopefully others from the group) are going to run the Bad To The Bone Marathon on April 19th. She needs to check one thing on her schedule and if that is clear we will be off to Charlottesville, VA!

Gotta go - Keep on Runnin'!

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