Monday, January 21, 2008

Beautiful Mornings!

There has been the most beautiful full moons the past 2 mornings! Yesterday was met Jim for an early morning run and at times the sky was completely clear and the moon was a sight to see. At other times, there were just wisps of clouds moving across the moon and it was almost eerie - cool but eerie.
This morning I was on my way to the supermarket (the whole family was off because of the MLK holiday so I got to go first thing) and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was amazing and awesome! Kind of puts things into perspective - we are just one small part of a great big world and universe.
Enough with the deep stuff! Yesterday's run was a bear!! The wind and the cold made it REALLY hard to run. Jim and I ran 3.6 miles and called it quits because it was so hard. The wind and the cold were both just taking our breathes away - I was proud that I got out there and did something but bummed that I couldn't get more mileage in.
Today, we took the kids and the dog to the trails. It was still really cold but there wasn't much wind. Our normal procedure is to just walk and when the kids get tired they tell us and we turn around. Well, they didn't say anything (I guess they forgot) and we ended going 1.94 miles one way. Of course the kids then told us that they were really tired and you could really see them starting to drag their feet. I must add that they have been bouncing off the walls lately with excess energy, so one of the main reasons for getting them out was to drain some of that energy. After a while of walking back for a while, and hearing LOTS of sighs, I put Will on my back and carried him. Shortly after that, I put him down and carried Ally for a while. When we hit 3 miles Bill decided that he would carry Will so I kept carrying Ally. So all-in-all I walked about 2.5 miles just myself and then carried one of the 2 kids for about 1.5 miles. Talk about a good workout!
The walk was a lot of fun and the area was absolutely beautiful. Some of the hill sides still had snow on them, the sun was shining brightly and the water was amazing. Some areas had fast flowing water and other areas had a thin layer of ice covering the majority of the surface. Ally took some pictures and I'll try to post them later tonight.
I still have to do my lifting and I'll finish that a little later. Overall, I'm feeling much better with my program and mindset. My goal for this week is to start increasing the running mileage again. Our totals haven't been very high because of the tapering of our runners doing the Goofy and then the weather wasn't cooperating. I will also know this week whether we will be signing up for the Bad to the Bone Marathon and I want to start preparing immediately!
That's it for now!

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