Saturday, January 26, 2008

Awesome Saturday - 1/26/08

I had an awesome run today. It was our weekly trail run (we try to get out to the trail at least once a week anyway - doesn't always happen but we sure do try). It was quite cold at 6:45 am but when the sun came up it was beautiful! Most of the run is done right next to a river. There is still snow and ice (just a little) back on the trails and on the water and it can just take your breath away with its beauty!

We covered about 8 miles - at a nice easy pace (a little over 11 m/m). We had 6 runners show up. Three of them turned around at 3.5 miles and three of us went on to a bit over 4 before turning around. The only bad/scary part was the we came upon some hunters in the park. Last Saturday and today there was deer hunting in the Delaware portion of the park. There was not supposed to be any hunting done in the Pennsylvania portion of the park - which we confirmed with the park rangers before leaving. Unfortunately these idiots decided to ignore that fact. We almost turned around when we first saw them but the told us that they didn't realize it wasn't in PA as well and that they were going to stop and head back. They lied! All 6 of our group today ran into them again after we had turned around. When my group got back to our cars we stopped at the park office to report the incident but there wasn't anybody there. One of our group members knows some federal law enforcement personnel and he said that he was going to report the incident to them. Nothing will probably happen but it's just nice to know that you at least reported it.

Speaking of the group, we have been bouncing around the idea of giving our group a name. There are a number of running groups in the area but many of them just let you fend for yourself. If you are out on a trail and end up with some sort of problem, they just leave you. We make it a point to get everyone back safely - no one is left and no one goes back by themselves. It is one of the things that I love about this group, we all really care about each other! Lori came up with a name which I thought was really cool. I'm not sure how she wants to spell it but she came up with "The WhYers". This actually has a double meaning - we meet at the Y on week days which is meaning one and the second is why do we run? why do we run marathons? why do we run early in the morning? etc. I thought it was awesome!

I gotta go - the kids want to play Go Fish!

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