Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday - Good & Bad but Sunday is lookin' Good!

Saturday started off awesome! I woke up and got on the scale and it finally showed some weight loss - 2 pounds! I was so excited that I was practically bouncing when I met "The Group" to do our run. The run itself was also really good except for the fact that I was only able to go 8 miles. I had hoped to 13 but nobody else was going any further and I didn't feel safe going alone (it was still dark out and there are a lot of wooded areas where we were). But other than that I was pleased with the morning. Since it was Saturday, it was doughnut day when I got home and I decided that it would be my splurge for the week and had 2 doughnuts. Unfortunately, doughnuts appear to be a trigger food for me. As a result, I ate and ate and ate all day long - on anything and everything I could get my hands on. Even as I was doing it, I realized what was going on and knew that I had to stop but didn't. I'm not going to say that I couldn't (I almost typed that) because I am in control and I was choosing not to stop.

That is a major shift in my thinking. I have a problem with emotional eating and am now realizing that I've used that as a crutch/excuse in the past. Just because I'm upset does NOT mean that I'm not in control anymore! My emotions do not control my arms or my mouth and does not make me eat crap. I am working the Leanness Lifestyle program and it is becoming my lifestyle!

Today is looking much better! I didn't allow yesterday's stumble to negatively effect today - another huge step for me. In fact, it strengthened my resolve to make today "perfect" with respect to my meal plans. I have stuck to my plan and am looking forward to continuing it tonight and tomorrow. Although my eating has gone according to plan, I can't say that about my exercising plan. I had wanted to get out this morning at 5 am and put in 45 minutes before meeting a friend to run another 4 miles. Unfortunately, it was pouring this morning and pretty darn cold. I do not like to run in the cold rain! The good part was that it stopped early enough for me to get in that 4 miles with my friend. It was a really good run - decent pace and great conversation!

Well, I'm off to go cook a nice healthy dinner: Roast chicken and mashed cauliflower. Keep on runnin'!

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