Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The First Miles and Minutes are Logged for 2008!

Today was supposed to be lifting only day but I decided to put in about 3 miles before lifting this morning. I figured it would be a great warm-up and I did really want to miss to days in a row of running.

It was really cold out this morning because of the wind - cold for here anyway. I know there are many people in the northern parts of the world that get out in much colder weather than we get here in DE but it felt pretty darn cold to me. My pace was about 9:25 m/m and then I came in and lifted for about 40 minutes. It was Week 2/Day 2 of my Afterburn program. I increased the session up to 2 sets and increased some of the weights as well. It's funny, when you look at the sessions on paper they don't look like much. But, when you get into the workouts - THEY'RE HARD! I think I wrote this earlier, but I keeping the weights light and concentrating on form and moving through a full range of motion and even with that I'm getting sore. Luckily, not so sore that I can't function but sore enough to know that it is working.

I feel like I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. School starts tomorrow as well - one more piece of the routine back in place. Once my dh goes back to work next week we will be back into the "normal" routine which always helps. There is a new team starting up this week on LL and I'm hoping to join in with that! The teams are always quite helpful!

Time to get my evening routine started. Keep on runnin'!

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