Saturday, February 03, 2007

Week in Review 2/3/07

Well, it was a good week and a bad week. Good in that I got a lot accomplished this week. I was able to get a lot of stuff together for the upcoming month at school, I was able to get all my school assignments finished and I was able to get some of the house straightened up. I've also had a couple of really good conversations with Coach David. He opened my eyes to a few things going on with my life.

The bad part was my exercise and nutrition. I actually lost some weight this week but to be completely honest I'm not feeling very good about my program or my consistency right now. I'm having lots of highs and lows with no in between consistency. I've also come to realize that I'm not really feeling good about myself either. Coach David suggested that I really need to find something for ME because I'm worth it. He is right, I am worth it, but that isn't something that I hear much or say to myself much. I'm trying to come up with something that I can do just for me. Right now I'm leaning toward trying a massage - it is something I've never done and have always wanted to try. If it goes well, I'm going to look into maybe trying to schedule one a week or maybe every other week and then use it for my leverage.

As I said in the beginning - good and bad week. Hopefully it is one that I can learn from and start moving forward in a positive direction. I feel like I've been treading water and going nowhere for a very long time.

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